Flock and Glitter Printing Machine

Flock and Glitter Printing Machine


Technical Textile
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Technical Specifications


  • Screen report is 640mm
  • Stainless steel blade pipe
  • Pneumatic chemical pump
  • Adjustable blade for right and left, up and down
  • Complete polyamide and plexiglas brush cabin
  • 2 brush inside the flock cabin
  • Under the brush has sieves
  • The sieves covered with chromium
  • The flock cabin covered by plexiglas for security
  • 50 kg stainless steel adhesive tank
  • The flock cabin adjustable up and down by manual
  • The machine has 4 emergency stop from all corner
  • Under the blanket table is covered with copper
  • All the brush electronic speed control
  • Blanket speed control
  • The machine for roll to roll printing
  • The fabric entry with pneumatic squeezing cylinder
  • The fabric enrty tension control by manual
  • After printing Vacuum Unit
  • Vacuum unit is working with nonwoven filters
  • Adjustable static voltage unit 100.000 mV
  • Dry system static generator

Machine Width Options
1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm



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