Powder Scattering Unit & Powder Lamination Line

Powder Scattering Unit
& Powder Lamination Line


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Powder Scattering Unit

Multi Functional

A scattering roller coated with a special needle covering in combination with a precisely adjustable brush belt ensures a highly precise and very even application of the spreading material. This scattering system allows an adjustable working width between 50 mm and 5000 mm depending on the machine’s working width as well as the possibility to choose application weights between 3.0g/m2 upwards according to customer requirements.

Our user-friendly scattering systems offer a short cleaning time for scattering roller or brush belts of less than 5 minutes in case of maintenance or process changeover. The scattering is very accurate and can be easily controlled by the operator via the control panel. Our control panel allows the exact processing conditions to be stored for each job being processed. This ensures repeatability and consistency, forthwith.

We offer scattering units for powdery materials such as

  • Thermoplastic adhesives
  • Epoxy powders
  • Recyclers
  • Activated charcoal
  • Filling material
  • Sand
  • Grains, etc…

Powder Lamination Line

The touch of expert hands ensures perfection. Attention to detail, state-of-the-art technology, and the exact fulfillment of your needs. These are the qualities that distinguish our unique production.

Our powder Lamination Line is specially designed for your production to achieve your final product. 

Technical Specifications


  • Fabric tension control unit
  • Slitting System (crush, shear, edge trimming)
  • Cross cutter system
  • Motorized unwind and rewinding 
  • IR pre-heater unit
  • Hoist system for lifting the fabric 
  • Crane system for lifting the fabric 
  • A-frame to A-frame working system
    – Trolley to trolley
    – Trolley to A-frame

Powder Lamination Line
Drum Size & Working Width Options

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Custom Made Solution – Powder Lamination Line