Anti-Slip Carpet Machine Line

Anti-Slip Carpet Machine Line


Carpet Industry

3 in 1 Production Line

Lamination, Rotation and Dryer

  • User-friendly anti-slip back surface
  • Maximum speed
  • Low cost investment and production
  • Unlimited creativity and design

Imagine a machine line that creates a new carpet trend worldwide. Wouldn’t it be nice if the production for that was easy, fast and the cost surprisingly low? Where the end products are user-friendly with its anti-slip function and the machine gives you the freedom of unlimited designs?

We created that machine for you!

Muratex’s unique Anti-Slip Machine Line enables you to produce amazing carpets that can add magnificent value to your business.

How does it work?
Muratex Anti-Ship Carpet Machine Line contains 3 production unit: Lamination, Rotation and Dryer…

The preferred fabric glued to the felt by the help of the foil in the lamination unit. Anti – Slip PVC chemical is printed on the surface of the felt in the rotation unit. And the end product gets fixed in the dryer unit to obtain the durability of the anti-slip function.

Unlimited Combination and Freedom of Design
From velvet, blanket, suede to shag you may use all kind of fabrics. And you may create unlimited carpet designs.

Low Cost Investment and Production
The production cost that is achieved with our machine is much lower than the conventional carpet weaving machines. Also the production speed of our machine is much more faster. Thanks to our Anti-Slip Carpet Machine Line, you may sell your carpets for much cheaper than your competitors and obtain competition power.

The products that you can produce with our machine are user-friendly thanks to their anti-slip function, lightness and washability.

Working width according to your needs
We produce the machines with the working width from 160cm up to 320cm, all customized according to your needs

Anti-Slip Gel Back
We achieve a durable anti-slip functionality thanks to the special PVC chemicals. The design stencil rolls can be easily changed as well.

Watch our Anti-Slip Carpet Machine Line Video