Sublimation Calender Machine

Sublimation Calendar Machine


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Foil Effects

Multi Functionality

• Sublimation Paper Printing
• Heat Setting
• Reactivation of disperse and pigment ink

Wide Range
This extensive range of calenders has been designed
for continuous printing of fashion and furnishing fabrics, non-wovens and films.

Uniformity Of End Result
An exclusive method of heating the Muratex’s special made cylinders, allows close and constant temperature control, thereby guaranteeing excellent print quality in terms of both uniformity and penetration of inks

Wide Range Of Operating Temperatures
The wide range of temperatures obtainable with our special made cylinders (ambient up to 230 °C) means that substrates with different properties and requirements can be easily processed

Management Of Substrates During Heat Transfer Printing Process
With our broad experience, we can advise on the best devices for managing and handling materials to be treated (woven fabrics, mono and bi-stretch fabrics, etc.)

Machine Configuration

  • Different operating speeds obtainable with heated cylinders from 215 up to 1’000 mm in diameter
  • Cylinder widths from 1600 up to 3200 mm
  • Selection of machines ranging from notably compact versions to configurations for high volume production
  • Wide range of optionals, available according to the selected application and substrates

Broad Range Of Use
Multi-functional machines also suitable for:
Fixation and setting of disperse and pigment inks, heat setting of fabrics, bonding/lamination for black-out
films etc, thermoplastic and pressure sensitive films/webs.

Other Functionalities


  • Eco-friendly process (no solvents whatever, and no use of water)
  • Ease and versatility of use
  • Quick and simple change of pattern/image
  • Broad range of use



  • %100 Nomex felt
  • Grinded  main cylinder
  • Grinded free felt rolls
  • Pneumatic felt edge control with photo-sensor
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Programmable heating and cooling
  • Quick change heavy duty air shaft
  • Manual fabric tension control
  • Adjustable felt air pressure
  • Air shaft to fix the bonding material (both for rewinding and unwinding)
  • Disk air brake system for unwinding bonding material roll
  • Disk air brake system for unwinding protection paper roll
  • Manual air brake system for rewinding protection paper roll


  • Silicon coated felt
  • Teflon coated drum
  • Internal pressure roll
  • External pressure roll
  • Motorized unwinding units
  • Air-frame to air-frame working system
  • Extraction hood
  • Cooling unit

Speed and Working Witdh Options


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